Episodes – English

LaGolda arrives at Ricca’s International Orphanage in Bogota, Colombia where she meets a group of international orphans who share her passion for soccer. Ricca’s strict rules and the lack of computers make it challenging for the children to watch soccer matches. With the help of Juanita, LaGolda and the team arrange a soccer match against Ricca to get a new computer for all of the children at the orphanage to share.
While training in Canada, LaGolda and the team meet a young soccer enthusiast who happens to have one leg. The boy’s name is Terry, named after Terry Fox, the great Canadian athlete and humanitarian who also had one leg. LaGolda and the team take the time to learn about kids with disabilities and help Terry fulfill his dream of playing soccer with the other kids.
The kids arrive to Boston to play as part of the ‘Peace in Sports’ tour to honor the families of the Boston Marathon. During their first practice they meet Dante who is an incredible soccer player but realize that he’s different from the other players as he withdraws from his teammates after the match. Liam initially seems to be the only one that can relate to him and proposes to the team that they help Dante make friends. Liam, with the help of a special teacher at a local school, educates the team about the conditions of every child with autism. With this newfound insight the kids and their new autistic friends play a match where equality reigns victorious. Keith Powell (30 Rock) guest stars as Dante.
The team arrives in Los Angeles after receiving a letter from a ten year old girl named Liza facing food insecurity. The kids organize a soccer tennis match and a fundraiser with soccer legend Cobi Jones in an effort to kick hunger out. Justina Machado (Six Feet Under, Queen of the South, and Norman Lear’s new Netflix remake of One Day At A Time) guest stars as Marisol and Edy Ganem (Devious Maids) guest stars as Liza.
The team heads to St, Louis, Missouri where they meet Jermaine, a star soccer player, who faces racial prejudice from his teammates. The kids discover the cruel reality of discrimination and get together to change the mentality of the other kids by showing them how embracing their differences can enable them to become an awesome team. Ana Ortiz (Devious Maids) guest stars as Ronda.
LaGolda and the team arrive in Yucatan, Mexico to help a girl named Monica who wants to play soccer but can’t because of her gender. To add insult to injury, a group of parents have their boys walk off the field leaving Monica feeling rejected. Our ambassadors of goodwill unite to promote the importance of providing equal opportunity to girls not just in sport but in all areas all over the world. Eric Winter (Secrets and Lies) guest stars as Samuel.